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Quick Budgeting App - Bring Sanity To Your Personal Finances
Quick Budget

Quick Budgeting App

Welcome to Quick Budget, a home budgeting app that takes in the following information:

  1. Monthly Pre-Tax Income  
  2. Monthly fixed expenses 
  3. Monthly variable expenses
This simple and easy to use form will get your finances straightened out quickly. No personal information is stored here or asked for. This is a budget calculator and what if analysis.

To print to PDF in MS Edge, click on The "More" menu for options Select "Print" option from the menu list. Under The "Printer" drop down, slect the "Save as PDF" option. To print from Chrome, Go to File > Print. In the Destination Section, click the "Change..." Button. "Select a destination" pop-up will appear. Click "Save as PDF" under the Local Destinations Section.


Please gather your monthly income from all sources after tax and enter it here.

Post-Tax Monthly Income

Now that you have entered your monthly post-tax income, let us look at fixed expenses. These are expenses that do not vary from month to month. For example, this can be a monthly car loan or a student loan payment.

Fixed Expenses

Car Loans 
Student Loans
Other Loans
Credit Cards
Home Internet
Car Insurance
Health Insurance
Other Insurance
Miscellaneous can be things like monthly school fees but not memberships or subscriptions.
Next, we will capture your variable expenses. Variable can be discretionary, that is items you have some control over. For example, this can be the monthly food budget.

Variable Expenses

Doctor Visits/Co-pays
Gas  (Petrol) 
Meals Out
Home Supplies
Pet Supplies
Vet Visits
Membership Fees


Analyis will display budget shortfalls and cash flow for the month as well as annualized amounts. Change the values for FIXED and VARIABLE to test different scenarios.

def show_output(*args, **kwargs): outputTotalFixed = Element("totalFixedDiv") outputTotalVariable = Element("totalVariableDiv") outputAnnualFixed = Element("annualFixedDiv") outputAnnualVariable = Element("annualVariableDiv") outputTotalMonthlyExpenses = Element("totalMonthlyExpensesDiv") outputTotalYearlyExpenses = Element("totalYearlyExpensesDiv") outputMonthlyBalance = Element("monthlyBalanceDiv") outputYearlyBalance = Element("yearlyBalanceDiv") preTaxIncome = Element("preTaxIncome") postTaxIncome = Element("postTaxIncome") fixedMortgage = Element("fixedMortgage") fixedCarLoan = Element("fixedCarLoan") fixedStudentLoan = Element("fixedStudentLoan") fixedOtherLoans = Element("fixedOtherLoans") fixedCreditCard = Element("fixedCreditCards") fixedCell = Element("fixedCell") fixedOilAndGas = Element("fixedOilAndGas") fixedElectricity = Element("fixedElectricity") fixedHomeInternet = Element("fixedHomeInternet") fixedCarInsurance = Element("fixedCarInsurance") fixedHealthInsurance = Element("fixedHealthInsurance") fixedOtherInsurance = Element("fixedOtherInsurance") fixedMiscellaneous = Element("fixedMiscellaneous") variableFood = Element("variableFood") variableClothing = Element("variableClothing") variableMedicine = Element("variableMedicine") variableDoctorsVisits = Element("variableDoctorsVisits") variableGas = Element("variableGas") variableTravel = Element("variableTravel") variableSubscriptions = Element("variableSubscriptions") variableAlcohol = Element("variableAlcohol") variableMealsOut = Element("variableMealsOut") variableEntertainment = Element("variableEntertainment") variableAllowances = Element("variableAllowances") variableHomeSupplies = Element("variableHomeSupplies") variablePetSupplies = Element("variablePetSupplies") variableVetVisits = Element("variableVetVisits") variableGifts = Element("variableGifts") variableElectronics = Element("variableElectronics") variableDonations = Element("variableDonations") variableMemberships = Element("variableMemberships") variableMiscellaneous = Element("variableMiscellaneous") variableSavings = Element("variableSavings") totalFixed = ( float(fixedMortgage.value) + float(fixedCarLoan.value) + float(fixedStudentLoan.value) + float(fixedOtherLoans.value) + float(fixedCreditCard.value) + float(fixedCell.value) + float(fixedOilAndGas.value) + float(fixedElectricity.value) + float(fixedHomeInternet.value) + float(fixedCarInsurance.value) + float(fixedHealthInsurance.value) + float(fixedOtherInsurance.value) + float(fixedMiscellaneous.value) ) outputTotalFixed.write( "Your monthly total Fixed expenses are: " + str(f"{totalFixed:,}")) totalVariable = ( float(variableFood.value) + float(variableClothing.value) + float(variableMedicine.value) + float(variableDoctorsVisits.value) + float(variableGas.value) + float(variableTravel.value) + float(variableSubscriptions.value) + float(variableAlcohol.value) + float(variableMealsOut.value) + float(variableEntertainment.value) + float(variableAllowances.value) + float(variableHomeSupplies.value) + float(variablePetSupplies.value) + float(variableVetVisits.value) + float(variableGifts.value) + float(variableElectronics.value) + float(variableDonations.value) + float(variableMemberships.value) + float(variableMiscellaneous.value) + float(variableSavings.value) ) outputTotalVariable.write( "Your monthly total VARIABLE expenses are: " + str(f"{totalVariable:,}")) annualFixed = 12 * totalFixed outputAnnualFixed.write("Your ANNUAL total FIXED expenses are: " + str(f"{annualFixed:,}")) annualVariable = 12 * totalVariable outputAnnualVariable.write( "Your ANNUAL total VARIABLE expenses are: " + str(f"{annualVariable:,}")) totalMonthlyExpenses = totalFixed + totalVariable outputTotalMonthlyExpenses.write( "Your Total MONTHLY expenses are: " + str(f"{totalMonthlyExpenses:,}")) totalYearlyExpenses = totalMonthlyExpenses * 12 outputTotalYearlyExpenses.write( "Your Total YEARLY expenses are: " + str(f"{totalYearlyExpenses:,}")) monthlyPostTaxBalance = float(postTaxIncome.value) - totalMonthlyExpenses outputMonthlyBalance.write( "Your Total MONTHLY Money Left Over / Balance is: " + str(f"{monthlyPostTaxBalance:,}")) yearlyPostTaxBalance = (float(postTaxIncome.value) * 12) - ( totalMonthlyExpenses * 12 ) outputYearlyBalance.write( "Your Total YEARLY Money Left Over / Balance is: " + str(f"{yearlyPostTaxBalance:,}"))